The Best Forest Wedding Venues in Northern California

9 the bell's redwood forest wedding at ridgefield

Are you on the hunt for the ideal Redwoods forest wedding venues in Northern California? Dreaming of exchanging vows beneath the lush canopy of century-old redwood trees? Your search ends here! Introducing Ridgefield, our exquisite venue that opened its doors in the winter of 2022, proudly hosting weddings and elopements on our property in the heart of Northern California, specifically in the enchanting Humboldt County.

11 the bell's redwood forest wedding at ridgefield

Welcome to Ridgefield

What sets us apart? An expansive private Redwoods forest that beckons exploration. Continue reading to discover more about our venue, mesmerizing ceremony and reception sites, and the captivating natural forest backdrop.

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  • BYO Vendors
  • Private, gated
  • Elopement packages available

GPS/Navigation Address: 2242 Fickle Hill Rd, Arcata, CA 95521

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Plan Your Dream Northern California Wedding at Ridgefield

We’ve created this helpful map so you can visualize your wedding experience at our woodland wedding venue. Learn some local history, try a new restaurant, visit our secret spots, and make your wedding an unforgettable experience.

Choose Ridgefield Events for a wedding destination that combines natural splendor, exclusive local activities, and organized planning, creating the perfect backdrop for your love story.

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Unforgettable Forest Venues at Ridgefield

Garden Terrace

Discover the Allure of Arcata’s Hidden Gem

5 the bell's redwood forest wedding at ridgefield

Step into the heart of Arcata and find yourself captivated by the Garden Terrace at Ridgefield. This enchanting venue, adorned with lush greenery, vibrant flowers, and meticulously manicured landscapes, offers the perfect setting for exchanging vows. Not to mention, the views of the Redwood forest. Let the natural beauty of Ridgefield set the stage for an elegant and romantic ceremony.

Redwood Grove – The Most Inspiring Wedding Photos

scott and krista hugging in the golden hour

Immersive Awe-Inspiring Majesty Amidst Majestic Giants

Journey into the awe-inspiring Redwoods venue at Ridgefield. Here, towering trees form a natural cathedral, creating a serene and magical backdrop for your wedding ceremony. Ideal for nature-inspired celebrations, couples can exchange vows surrounded by the timeless ambiance of majestic redwood forests.

krista walking down the stone terrace to the ceremony site

Stone Patio at Ridgefield for Cocktail Hour

Rustic Charm Redefined: A Sturdy Foundation with Picturesque Views

cute beer trailer

cute beer trailer

Experience rustic charm at its finest with the Stone Patio at Ridgefield. Offering a solid foundation and picturesque views, this stone patio overlooks scenic landscapes, providing a timeless and sophisticated setting for your celebration. Natural stone elements add authenticity to your ceremony, creating a seamless blend of classic design and natural beauty.

another view of the property

Lawn and Meadow at Ridgefield

Versatile Vistas: Your Blank Canvas for Creative Celebrations

The Lawn venue at Ridgefield is a versatile outdoor space designed to be a blank canvas for your wedding dreams. Whether envisioning an intimate gathering or a grand celebration, the expansive lawn provides creative freedom. Let your imagination run wild as you design your event in an open-air setting, surrounded by the natural beauty of Ridgefield.

17 the bell's redwood forest wedding at ridgefield

Tented Area on the Lawn

Outdoor Magic, Indoor Comfort: A Perfect Blend for Every Weather

For those seeking the perfect blend of outdoor magic and indoor comfort, the Tented Area on the Lawn at Ridgefield beckons. While we don’t provide the tent, we’re happy to offer recommendations! Ideal for unpredictable weather or couples yearning for a unique atmosphere beneath a canopy of twinkling lights, this venue provides the comfort of shelter while still embracing the natural surroundings of Ridgefield.

the most gorgeous reception set up

the most gorgeous reception set up

Additional Exclusive Offerings

Indoor Bridal Suite/Ready Rooms

Elegance Inside the Main House

2 the bell's redwood forest wedding at ridgefield

Prepare for your special day in style with our indoor bridal suite/ready rooms inside the main house. Enjoy the comfort and sophistication of our carefully curated spaces designed to enhance the pre-wedding experience.

Cottage for the Wedding Couple

600 Square Feet of Secluded Luxury

Extend the magic beyond the ceremony with our separate cottage, offering 600 square feet of space exclusively for the wedding couple. Revel in privacy and luxury as you unwind in this charming haven, making your wedding experience at Ridgefield truly unforgettable.

Unveil the extraordinary at Ridgefield, where each venue and offering tells a story of love and nature in perfect harmony.

ceremony arbor

ceremony arbor

FAQs for Your Forest Wedding Ceremony

Planning a destination forest wedding demands additional considerations than more traditional venues, but with meticulous planning, the result can be an unforgettable event.

a view on the side of the terrace of our soaring redwoods

When Is the Best Time to Plan a Forest Wedding?

The best time to plan a forest wedding largely depends on the specific location and weather conditions of the area. However, generally speaking, the moderate conditions of spring and fall are considered ideal for outdoor weddings including those in forests.


Average Temperature Range (°F)

Site at Our Venue


45°F – 60°F

Redwoods at Ridgefield Events


55°F – 65°F

Garden Terrace at Ridgefield Events & Tented Pavilion


45°F – 60°F

Redwoods at Ridgefield Events


40°F – 55°F

Stone Patio at Ridgefield Events

redwoods wedding venue

redwoods wedding venue

Can You Share Some Fun Facts With Me About Redwoods in California?

We’d love to!

  • The coastal redwood (Sequoia sempervirens) holds the record as the tallest tree species on Earth, reaching heights over 370 feet.
  • Source: National Park Service
  • Redwoods are among the oldest living organisms on the planet, with some individuals surpassing 2,200 years.
  • Source: Save the Redwoods League
  • The shallow root system of redwoods intertwines with neighboring trees, creating a network that helps them withstand earthquakes.
  • Source: USDA Forest Service
  • Redwood trunks can exceed 20 feet in diameter, making them some of the most massive trees in the world.
  • Source: National Geographic
  • Redwoods are fast growers, adding more than 2 feet to their height each year in optimal conditions.
  • Source: American Forests
  • Redwood trees absorb and store several tons of carbon dioxide over their lifetime, contributing significantly to combating climate change.
  • Source: Save the Redwoods League
  • There are two primary species of redwoods: the coastal redwood along the California coast and the giant sequoia in the Sierra Nevada mountains.
  • Source: National Geographic
  • Redwoods have thick and fibrous bark, reaching up to 1 foot in thickness, providing excellent insulation from wildfires.
  • Source: UC Berkeley – Gymnosperm Database
  • Notable redwood groves are protected in national and state parks, including Muir Woods National Monument, Redwood National and State Parks, and Sequoia National Park.
  • Source: National Park Service
  • Redwoods hold cultural significance for Native American tribes and are often considered sacred.
  • Source: National Geographic
  • Redwoods are adapted to the coastal fog, absorbing water directly from the air during the dry summer months.
  • Source: California State Parks
  • Redwood wood is resistant to decay due to its high tannin content, making it a valuable material for construction.
  • Source: Save the Redwoods League
  • Redwood forests provide critical habitat for diverse wildlife, including marbled murrelets and spotted owls.
  • Source: California State Parks
  • Coastal redwoods are native to a narrow strip along the California coast, stretching from southern Oregon to central California.
  • Source: National Geographic
  • Various organizations, such as the Save the Redwoods League, work to preserve and protect redwood forests through conservation efforts.
  • Source: Save the Redwoods League
  • Redwoods release water into the atmosphere through a process called transpiration, contributing to local rainfall.
  • Source: UC Berkeley – Gymnosperm Database
  • Historically, redwoods were commercially harvested for their valuable timber, leading to significant deforestation.
  • Source: National Park Service
  • Redwoods produce small, woody cones, each containing numerous tiny seeds.
  • Source: California State Parks
  • The bald cypress, found in the southeastern United States, is a distant relative of the redwood.
  • Source: American Forests
  • Silvicultural practices are employed to manage redwood forests sustainably, promoting regeneration and biodiversity.
  • Source: USDA Forest Service

florals in the reception tent

What Are Some Useful Tips For Planning a Forest Wedding?

Seasonal Considerations

  • Choosing the right season for your forest wedding is key. Opt for the gentle allure of spring or the warm hues of autumn. While summer is an option, make sure there’s enough shade for your guests.

Weather Ready Strategies

  • Nature can be unpredictable, so having a backup plan is a wise move. Solstice wedding, anyone? Whether it’s stylish tents or a cozy indoor space, be prepared for unexpected raindrops or a burst of sunshine.

Seasonal Integration

  • Let the season play a role in your wedding theme. Decorate with forest blooms in spring or embrace the rich colors of fall for a truly seasonal celebration.

Guest Comfort

  • Ensure your guests are comfortable by providing thoughtful amenities. For sunny days, consider umbrellas, fans, or sunglasses. On cooler evenings, offer blankets or strategically placed outdoor heaters.

Weather Friendly Attire

  • Dress smart for the weather. Stilettos work on smooth terrain, while boots or wedges might be better for uneven or damp ground. (We don’t recommend stilettos for anything in life LOL)

Raindrop Blessings

  • In many cultures, rain on your wedding day is considered good luck. Embrace the moment, and let the spontaneous beauty of nature enhance your special day.

Embark on your forest wedding journey with practicality and a touch of imagination, creating a celebration that’s uniquely yours.

9 the bell's redwood forest wedding at ridgefield

Where Else Can I Find a Forest Wedding Venue in North California?



Muir Woods National Monument (Mill Valley)

Muir Woods, located just north of San Francisco, is known for its towering redwoods. Some venues in this area provide a unique opportunity to exchange vows surrounded by these majestic trees.

Big Sur

Big Sur is famous for its rugged coastline, but it also features enchanting redwood and oak forests. There are several venues nestled in the hills and forests of Big Sur that offer a magical setting for a forest wedding.

Sonoma Coast State Park

The Sonoma Coast offers a mix of coastal beauty and dense forests. Some venues in this region provide a blend of both, allowing you to celebrate your special day in a natural and serene environment.

Armstrong Redwoods State Natural Reserve

Located in the Russian River Valley, Armstrong Redwoods State Natural Reserve is home to some of the tallest and oldest redwoods in the state. Some venues in this area offer a peaceful and intimate setting for forest weddings.

Santa Cruz Mountains

The Santa Cruz Mountains boast lush forests and scenic vistas. There are venues in this region that provide a serene and secluded atmosphere for a forest wedding with the bonus of mountain views.

Lake Tahoe

While primarily known for its stunning lake, the Lake Tahoe area also features beautiful alpine forests. Some venues in the surrounding areas offer a combination of lake views and forested landscapes for a picturesque wedding setting.

Shasta-Trinity National Forest

This expansive national forest in the northern part of the state offers various locations for a forest wedding. Consider venues near Shasta Lake or in the Trinity Alps region for a secluded and natural setting.

Lassen Volcanic National Park

For a unique forest wedding experience, explore venues near Lassen Volcanic National Park. The park is known for its diverse landscapes, including dense forests and fascinating geothermal features.

Other options & areas for weekend wedding retreats & elopements.

Providing services to the South Bay, Peninsula, and East Bay regions, including San Jose, Sunnyvale, Mountain View, Palo Alto, Redwood City, San Carlos, Burlingame, Los Altos, Milpitas, Union City, Fremont, Berkeley, Fairfax, El Cerrito, Ben Lomond, Carmel, Monterey, Santa Cruz, Los Gatos, and the nearby areas.

Another ideal location for a wedding ceremony is the Redwood Grove and Amphitheater, a stunning feature within the UC Berkeley Botanical Garden. Plus the Sequoia Retreat Center and Nestldown are couples favorites for woodsy wedding venues.

wedding couple in the redwoods

What Are Some of the Activities Guests Can Do Near Ridgefield?

  1. Hiking in the Arcata Community Forest: Arcata Community Forest offers a network of trails for hiking. It’s a beautiful area with redwood trees and diverse plant life. The Fickle Hill Loop is one of the popular trails, providing scenic views.
  2. Trillium Falls Trail: Located in the Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park, the Trillium Falls Trail is a moderately easy hike that leads to a picturesque waterfall. It’s a serene and romantic spot for couples who enjoy nature walks.
  3. Fern Canyon: Although not a waterfall, Fern Canyon in Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park is a unique experience. The canyon is surrounded by lush greenery, and the walls are covered in ferns, creating a magical atmosphere. The short hike is worth it for the enchanting setting.
  4. Explore Old Town Arcata: After outdoor adventures, you can explore Old Town Arcata. It’s a charming area with shops, cafes, and restaurants. It offers a lovely atmosphere for a stroll or a romantic dinner.

krista and scott exiting the ceremony to have a moment inside together

Embrace the Magic of Outdoor Nuptials & a Woodsy Vibe

Consider the outdoors if the idea of a chapel leaves you yawning, and you want more from your wedding venue than a conventional ballroom or barn. The dreamy, awe-inspiring backdrop of the giant northern California redwoods offers a truly exceptional setting, perfect for couples who love nature and desire a unique experience on their special day. From cathedral groves of towering redwoods to a forest canopy draped in sparkling bistro lights, these venues will elevate your wedding celebration into a magical affair.

entire family in the redwoods

entire family in the redwoods

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Embark on an enchanting journey with Ridgefield as your backdrop. Schedule a personalized tour today to see our fairytale ceremony site and discover the captivating charm of our venues. Let us bring your wedding vision to life amidst the natural beauty of Arcata’s hidden gem.

Contact us now to schedule your tour and start crafting the wedding of your dreams at Ridgefield. Your extraordinary celebration awaits!